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Verlaine Crawford

“Verlaine’s art is a timeless time warp into infinite evolution, unveiling the energy that we are wrapped in and that is circling through us. The vision inspires us to begin dancing with the colors that spin on and on.” Hue-be Gilchrist

The evolution of my art has been a journey of discovery. I am always learning, expanding and absorbing the beauty of nature and striving to create paintings that will speak to the heart. My focus and intention is to share my passion and depict memorable scenes that will serve as a windows to another reality where you can experience the feeling of that time and place.

Studying the work of great artists

I began learning about art in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, where I attended high school. Each day I would walk through the many galleries and was able to learn from the international artists, such as Roberto Lupetti and Yuan, who made their homes in this lovely European-style village south of San Francisco. At the University of California I studied international relations, and over the years I took classes in oil painting, photography and graphic design.


My career was in marketing with a variety of companies from startups in Silicon Valley to the Lodge at Pebble Beach, community development and healthcare. I authored a self-help book, “Ending the Battle Within” and was invited to teach personal growth in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe and across the U.S.

During my travels I absorbed the art of the centuries in museums and galleries. In each country I visited countless museums and galleries, digesting the colors, techniques and content of the artists of each nationality. I was influenced by dance of color and light of the impressionists. I learned simplicity from the Asian artists and the contrast of light and dark from the Dutch masters.

A few years ago I began to expand my love of art into oil paintings that are now in the private collections in the U.S., Europe and the Far East. I am interested in working with agents, interior designers, galleries and commissions.

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